I’m Bored! What can I Do?

How many times have I heard “I’m bored.” ?

What is the solution? How do you stop boredom? I believe the most prevalent answer is let go of the screen. All screens should be put out of view or reach if need be. We have taught our minds to become numb by being entertained with a screen.

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Go for a walk! and think!

Exercise actually stimulates the brain and enables the mind to think. Who knows as you get to thinking while walking you might come up with that Million Dollar Idea.

Clean your room, it needs it.

How many times have you said “I need to clean.” But you didn’t because that darn screen took your attention. Not only will it feel good to be in a clean room but moving about is exercise and once again your brain begins to throw sparks.

Have you been outside without headphones?

Enjoy Nature

The wind in the trees, the birds in the air, the cows in the pasture next door, or the grass growing in the yard all have a calming effect on the mind that is stimulating.

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Listen, feel, and smell the nature of outside

Some of my best memories are from the nature outside. I can still smell the freshly turned up ground after tilling for the spring and summer garden, or the smell of wood after it was chopped for the winter fire. They are something our senses take in. I remember lying on the picnic table watching the clouds roll by with my children. It is time spent that left beautiful memories.

Feel the wind or walk on the grass barefoot.

I can close my eyes and feel the wind on my face with the warmth of the sun as I soak up the songs from the birds. It is not only relaxing but it takes the stress and anxiety out of the body to fully enjoy and be immersed in nature. When the feet physically touch the ground there is a re-re-re -grounding of the body that will promote good health, energy, and sleep. Try it sometime and see the sense of wellbeing you feel.

There once was a time when being outside or alone with your thoughts was not a choice. People were not slumped over saying “I’m Bored”, but rather “Hey did you see the hummingbird, or “that cloud looks like an alligator.” Take time to clean and enjoy the labor you did so you can go outdoors and smell the roses.

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