Home is where the heart is!

Welcome to my home, my heart, where the chickens peck the ground, the sheep baa, the cows chew their cud, the ducks swim, the goose guards, the mice run from the cats and the dogs welcome you at the front door.

Chicken consulting

I have learned so much in the 25+ years raising chickens. I have raised them for eggs, for meat, for bug control and to help with farm yard work. Yes, they help scratch the ground and do many wonders on the farm. I want to give my knowledge that I have gained over the many years to those that are just starting out and need help from start to finish and those that need a small bit of help with some little things.

Chicken Therapy

We have a few wonderful chickens that will let you pet them. I realized one day while talking with some friends that we all went to our chicken coops when things were stressful and we needed to destress. I thought if chickens help me and my friends feel at peace and relaxed maybe this would help others as well. I looked into this and found someone who helped me to become certified in chicken therapy. From the elderly, to the small child, and everyone in between, chickens bring smiles and peace to all.

“The only thing that ever sat its way to success was a hen.” – Amy Fielder


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